The Soul Reporter

My Six-Word Memoir~ I’m me- expanding all the time. 


Nikki, aka: The Soul Reporter

the first part of my life was self-discovery. I am curious by nature, born as my mother says, with eyes wide open in a nursery full of sleeping babies. I want to know myself, and so the beginning was full of discoveries of myself— who I am, but mostly who I am not—that false self created in order to protect myself and stay hidden in a world that seemed a bit overwhelming and harsh, to say the least.

the second part of my life, where I am now, seems to be more about becoming more of who I really am, shedding the skins of those false selves and allowing myself to be exposed and seen. What I want most from this exposure is to serve others in the ways of self-care and self-discovery.  I also like to write and have shared many posts on this site about my self-discovery journey. I am a mother of two daughters, 24 & 16. And, in this second part of my life I have decided to go back to school. My major is social work and I will graduate with my MSW (Master in Social Work) in June 2018. As part of my degree I am a school social work intern helping students learn emotional regulation skills.

To see the services I offer, click here.

To see the writings I’ve had published, click here.

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